Ear Disease

Prof Fagan, Dr Nigel Biggs, Dr Philip Chang and Dr Sean Flanagan are otologists and neurotologists, experts in the care of the ear, hearing, and balance. This also includes the management of disease of the skull base, a number of conditions involving the complex anatomy of the brain, cranial nerves, blood vessels, and ear and hearing structures at the junction of the base of the head and the neck.

Hearing loss, tinnitus, chronic ear infections, congenital disorders, facial nerve disorders, acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannoma) and skull base tumors are some of the conditions that can affect the ear.

Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma)

Surgery for acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma)

Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABI) and von Recklinghausens disease (NF-II)

Balance Disorders

Childhood Hearing Loss

Chronic Ear Infections

Cochlear Implants

Eustachian Tube Problems

Facial Nerve Disorders

Hearing Loss

Meniere’s Disease


Single Sided Deafness, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), and Cochlear Implants

Skull Base Tumours

Superior canal dehiscence syndrome

Surfer’s Ear (Exostoses)