Events at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Australia

Audiology and Temporal Bone Courses

Each year in early November the department runs an all day course for audiologists involving live surgery and lectures on current issues in hearing loss and ear pathology. This is followed by the three day temporal bone dissection course with live surgery on Friday, and intensive time in the lab interspersed with relevant lectures.


Rhinology and Rhinoplasty

The department runs yearly courses on open structured rhinoplasty, rhinoscopy, neurorhinology and endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery


In 2016: Thursday Live Surgery was interspersed with lectures and case discussions covering a wide range of audiologic and vestibular conditions. Dr Nigel Biggs performed a Cochlear Implant, Dr Sean Flanagan a canalplasty and tympanoplasty and Dr Philip Chang a Bonebridge bone anchored hearing aid.

On Friday live surgery demonstrated a translabyrinthine approach to a vestibular schwannoma.

The dissectors then commenced their supervised dissection in the lab on Friday afternoon, before heading off to the course dinner.

Further dissection was completed on Saturday and Sunday morning with dissectors starting with canalplasty, extending to middle ear exploration and stapedectomy before moving to the mastoid drilling. Cochlear Corporation supplied dummy electrodes to allow practice in cochlear implantation before a labyrinthectomy, exposure of the IAC, jugular bulb, carotid artery and surgical exploration of the cochlear was completed.

Lectures in the afternoon on both days highlighting distilled surgical techniques and instructive cases exploring the fundamentals of otologic and neurotologic decision making.

For enquiries and enrolments for the Temporal Bone Course , Audiology Seminar, Rhinoplasty and FESS courses each year please contact:

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St Vincent’s Private Hospital| 406 Victoria Street | Darlinghurst NSW 2010 |
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